So is her husband, who wenow knowhas been taking taxpayer money in the form of government grants for his pharmaceutical company. A Stone-cold California RINO, Cultural Marxist, Closet Communist, NWO Globalist & WEF Crazy is elected Speaker of the HouseWOW!!! She described him as "an amazing husband in every way.". Angry GOP Rep. Mike Rogers Lunges at Rep. Matt Gaetz After He Refuses to Support McCarthy On 14th Vote [VIDEO], Israeli army says it will not take orders from extremist security minister, NWO Globalists Triggering Major Strikes to Advance the Great Reset, In 2022, the world as we knew it ended. Talk is very VERY cheap inside the Beltway. Rochelle and Loren Walensky have been marriedsince 1995. CYNICISM PLUS! While everyone is focused on a bunch of fake balloons, East Palestine experiences, How The US Secretly Took Out The Nord Stream Pipeline (Video), Another very serious consequence of Covid injections. Take Mark Hamill (and Noam Chomsky, too), DAFFY DAVOS! THE HEAD of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has called Americans to continue to take coronavirusprecautions and admitted she is "scared" of what's coming. Aside from writing, Scott enjoys traveling, photography, playing the piano, and hanging out with his two kids. Central Bank Digital Currency for Social Engineering. From 1995 through 1998, Rochelle trained in internal medicine at Johns Hopkins Hospital. We all can recall how vigorously the left-wing swamp dwellers harassed President Trump with allegations of enriching himself and his family during his entire time in office. Walensky only lists her husband's stake in Lytica Therapeutics as a "spousal holding," but doesn't indicate that he is the "co-founder" of the company and his invention would benefit from the CARB-X grant. As a popular and famed individual, it is obvious that her personal life and romantic life are always in the limelight and focus. The grant was apparently funded and organized by the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR) with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, which oversees and administers the Biomedical Advanced and Development Authority (BARDA) program, which is similar to the PREDICT programat the center ofWuhan institute of Virology gain-of-function research controversy. (AUDIO), A treasonous and treacherous RINO has the audacity to accost a fellow GOP congressman at the Capitol just before the SOTU. Now Canadas NOTAM flight safety system is down! He graduated as valedictorian of Princeton University in 1990 and received a bachelor's degree in chemistry and a certificate in science policy from the . Your email address will not be published. Just another very good reason NOT to use your highly weaponized smartphone! Facebooks Race Blind Algorithm Backfires In Their Face: Finds 90% Of Hate Speech Was Directed Toward White People And Men, Elon Must just admitted to Jay Leno that he is a criminal. When it comes to the swamp that has become D.C., nothing should surprise anyone anymore, especially when it comes to officials within the government using resources to personally enrich themselves or failing to disclose when their families stand to benefit from their governmental service. While the Left was consistently worried about Trump and his family using the Presidency to enrich themselves, they seem much less concerned about Hunter Bidens travels on the American taxpayer dime to peddle his fathers influence or by his current career/money-laundering scheme as an artist., New information provided exclusively to RedState by syndicated radio talk show host Howie Carr shows that Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky is finding multiple ways to benefit from her new position. Now you know this is a classic Khazarian takedown! Will We Fall For the Latest Expert Psyop Protecting Pfizer from Criminal Liability? How the Khazarian Cabal has effectively controlled Ashkenazi Jewry so it can rule planet Earth. On January 26, 2022 news conference about the rise of the Omicron variant and high hospitalization rates, Rochelle said the nation should not ease up on COVID-19 safety protocols, saying, Milder does not mean mild and we cannot look past the strain on our health systems and a substantial number of deaths. Rochelle also said, Its important to remember were still facing a high overall burden of disease.. from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. . You may opt out at anytime with a single click. Congressman Bowman pointed out. Whats happening in Ohio is so much worse than what the media is telling us!. Polands rabid Russophobia has driven it insane to start World War III. Clinton aide with Epstein ties suicided with a self-inflicted shotgun blast after he tied himself to a tree, no gun found. Why is the C.I.A. MOVING ONWARD The State of New California Sends Delegates to Washington D.C. Back to implementing Bidens draconian gun control agenda through a series of false flag mass shootings purposefully carried out in schools. Chinese Spy Balloon Program Connected to Military, Targeted US and Allies White House (Then why did they just let it cruise over the USA before shooting it down? How predictable: Lisa Marie Presleys death by vaccine-induced cardiac arrest is barely covered by the vax-pushing MSM. AG Garland Appoints Special Prosecutor To Probe Bidens Classified Docs Mishandling, We Now Have Key Evidence Pfizer Committed Fraud, Pfizer Shills Falsely Claim They Cant Be Sued; Another Psyop To Cover Crimes Against Humanity (Video), Pfizer Has a Long History of Fraud, Corruption and Using Children as Human Guinea Pigs, How did most celebrities turn into death stars? Tucker Carlson (Video). While Rochelle was not working at the CDC when her husband was awarded the grant, she has been directly involved with the HHS for more than a decade. She will work tirelessly to protect & save lives. (VIDEO), Young CTV News reporter Jessica Robb starts slurring her words just before what appears to be collapse on screen. Can the President Fight Any War He Wishes? Wells Fargo fires VP of operations in India after he URINATED on 72-year-old woman during business class flight from New York to New Delhi: Banking exec claims she condoned it. Even the carping House chaplain is a stone-cold NWO globalist!!! Rochelle and her husband Loren have three sons named Seth, Matthew, and Joshua. Built by. "The Sun", "Sun", "Sun Online" are registered trademarks or trade names of News Group Newspapers Limited. IT WAS ALL PLANNED: Tactical Commander for US Capitol Police Admits During Testimony that Agitators Who Were Highly Trained Ripped Down Fencing Prior to Protest at US Capitol on Jan. 6, Another Twitter Files Drop: More Adam Schiff Ban Requests Twitter Deamplified Alleged Conservative Accounts They Say Were Linked to Q-Anon, Swedish Climate Activist Greta Thunberg Carried Away by German Police From Coal Mine Protest (VIDEO), Whistleblower Reveals Illegal Aliens In New York City Hotels Are Having Public Sex, Drinking All Day, And Spreading Diseases (VIDEO). (Video), Like 9/11, We Are Witnessing The Controlled Demolition of the American Empire, The Non-Human Element & the Plans for a Fake Alien Invasion (Video), More than ever, our youth are being stealthily acculturated through a form of Tavistock-level hypnosis and social engineering. Germany set to outright steal billions of Russian assets. Kathy Hochul and States Health Department Overstepped their Authority, WOAH: Tucker Points To Signs Sinister Forces Were Behind Last Weeks FAA Nationwide Ground Stop (VIDEO), How Rothschild Zionism Controls the Entire Mainstream Media (Video). ago. He is the husband of Rochelle Walensky, director of the . Donald Trump has not only irreversibly disqualified himself to run for POTUS.. CRASHES AND BURNS WITH BROOM STCK ON FIRE, Indian-American Attorney Lays Bare the MOST DANGEROUS Khazarian Conspiracy to Collapse the American Republic. (Video), MAJORLY Miscalculating Russias Strength (Video). with their treasonous Democrat co-conspirators to forever destroy the American Republic. After medical school, Rochelle Walensky trained in a hospital medical unit so tough it was compared to the Marines. Rabid Russophobe and Zionist Warmonger Polish PM Mateusz Morawiecki Goes Off The RailsFULL BORE!!! More evidence that American data may badly overstate the protection mRNA shots offer against hospitalization from Covid, For Those Who Deny The Problems With The Vax, New wave of strikes reported against Ukrainian power grid, PATRIOT ALERT! . Wisconsin Gableman Election Fraud Team Member Comes Forward with Damaging Evidence from 2020 Presidential Election, McCarthy Remains Defiant After 11 Speaker Ballot Losses, Says Hes Not Putting Any Timeline on Getting to 218 Votes (VIDEO), NWO geoterrorists targeting California with more withering weather warfare. (Video), This Is Disgusting: Ohio Senator Finds Toxic Chemicals In East Palestine Water (Video), A Shift Toward Statism: The US Establishment Doesnt Want Domestic Chaos Anymore Because Theyre In Control. Now lets see if Speaker McCarthy acts according to his word? Even more alarming is that the Biden Administration either didnt do their homework in nominating Director Walensky or simply didnt care. They are Jewish and members of Temple Emanuel in Newton, Massachusetts. BEWARE if you live anywhere near lake Huron!!! Here's the Privacy Policy. She completed high school at Winston Churchill High School (Potomac, Maryland) in 1987. Ontario Governing Body For Psychology Profession Demands Re-Education Camp For Licensed Psychologist Jordan Peterson, Disneys Orlando Corporate Kingdom Falls to a Bigger Kingdom in Florida, Pedogate Capital Chicago Completely Taken Over By Cultural Marxists. Here's our Privacy Policy. Before founding BTG in 1982, Edward was President of CTEC, Inc. Rochelle is married to her husband Loren D. Walensky a physician-scientist and pediatric oncologist at the DanaFarber Cancer Institute since 2003 and also a professor of pediatrics at the DanaFarber/Harvard Cancer Center. TREASON: Gen. Mark Milley Hid Nuke Codes from Trump Held Secret Calls with Chinese Defense Officials Then Surrendered to Taliban and Armed Them with $80 Billion in US Weapons. As always, diplomatic France proves to be an exceedingly deceitful, duplicitous, dishonest, double-dealing, disingenuous and deceptive peace negotiator. Just four months later, Walenskys Lytica received a $16.9 million dollar HHS grantto develop antibacterial peptides with broad activity against multidrug-resistant bacteria. Only $5.3 million of that money was initially disbursed to Lytica, and the remaining $11.6 million is scheduled to be disbursed upon the achievement of certain development milestones. I have previously worked in the world of grant writing and can tell you most agencies will not give grants to organizations that have existed for less than a year and organizations that have no other stream of funding. Would Ukraine rather bomb Orthodox churches than honor a Christmas truce with Russia? The brainwashing in the schools by Communist teachers and professors starting in the 1960's by the hippie generation (and feminists) was the downfall of America. Fight, Solar Micronova & Galactic Electric Field (Video). This is the start of the Died/Collapsed Suddenly thread for young athletes in the last 12 months, Trump Falsely Claims His Vaccine Saved 100 Million Lives (Video), Pope Benedict Asked Biden Not to Attend His Funeral (Video), FLASHBACK: Former U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert settles child sexual abuse payments suit. Is Dr. Rochelle Walensky's husband the brother to the Walensky guy in the Ukraine who is . As of 2021, both Loren Walensky and his wife, Rochelle, are 51 years old. Walensky, who took over as director with Biden's inauguration, is married to Loren D. Walensky, a renowned pediatric oncology researcher at the Dana-Farber Cancer . She was brought up in Potomac, Maryland. (Video), UNHOLY MOLY! This information wasnt hard to come by either, which is a scathing indictment of the mainstream media who did not question Director Walenskys qualifications or background in her appointment to her position. When an ultra-liberal Democrat mayor fights with a super-progressive NWO globalist in the White House!!! Rochelle conducted research on vaccine delivery and strategies to reach underserved communities. Liberalism has become a very serious Mental Disorder! (Video), GOTCHA! U.S. Military Establishment Brazenly Admits That Ukrainians Are Nothing But Cannon Fodder for Zio-Anglo-American Proxy War, Dont Let Balloons Distract You from the Global Economic Collapse. Scott has studied in Germany, Sweden, and Morocco. This includes the weekly radio show,other interviews and monologues, and the GSRadio archives. being carried out under the guise of his fathers influence! This is exactly why two gay married men should never be allowed to adopt boys (or anybody other LGBTQIA gender). Information obtained exclusively by RedState from syndicated radio talk show host Howie Carr, shows the husband of the Director for the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is richly profiting from his wife's position. NBC Chuck Todd Blasts Biden Regime For Lack of Transparency Related to High-Altitude Object Shot Down Over Alaska (VIDEO), Meet Disneys Biromantic Asexual Executive Director Adding Queerness and CRT to Childrens Programming, We Declared An Emergency Over Monkeypox But Not For Ohio Chernobyl? "I am so grateful to @JoeBiden@KamalaHarris and @Transition46 for their faith in this truly remarkable woman. ), How convenient: the lights go out during Twitter hearing in DC. Dr. Walensky received his MD and PhD degrees from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in 1997. CDC Director Rochelle Walenskys husband received $5.3 million federal grant from HHS-YouTube screenshot, Posted by: Pat Droney Cultural Marxists Out To Destroy American Society By Targeting Children Like This! The Brits pick a fight with India and then get busted upside the head with a four by four. COVER UP: DOJ Decided Against Having FBI Agents Monitor Search by Bidens Personal Lawyers For Classified Documents, Biden Endangered National Security As VP By Insisting NUCLEAR FOOTBALL Briefcase Used For Counterstrikes To PROTECT AMERICA Remain At Least ONE MILE Behind His Motorcade In Wilmington. The Common Sense Show features a wide variety of important topics that range from the loss of constitutional liberties, to the subsequent implementation of a police state under world governance, to exploring the limits of human potential. Current CDC director, Dr. Rochelle Walensky, took over under the Biden administration, and is married to Loren Walensky, a renowned pediatric oncology researcher at the Dana . family members and close relatives watch and see their hanging from a Gallow while the family suffers the loss of their husband or wife, etc. "She will work tirelessly to protect & save lives. Rochelle celebrates her birthday on April 5, every year. Guess whos running the House during the Speakership election chaos by purposeful design?! Because making new antibiotics is difficult, expensive, and low profit for innovative companies, BARDA supports the worlds largest antibacterial portfolio through public-private partnerships. In an interview on Thursday morning at Washington University in St. Louis, Dr. Rochelle Walensky, the director of the Centers for Disease Control, told the world that she did not know that variants might reduce the effectiveness of mRNA vaccines. And how was it missed in the first place? She also didnt disclose that his company is receiving a federal grant from the same agency in which she was being appointed to a leadership position, an agency that still will need to decide whether to award the additional $11.6 million. In 1995, Rochelle received an M.D. Last week, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky gave testimony to Congress that was jaw-dropping even by the abysmal standards to which we've been accustomed during COVID. Popular GOP Congressman Greg Steube Hospitalized After Falling Off Roof Sustained Several Injuries. The grant received by Lytica was provided through BARDAs CARB-X program. Matt Gaetz exposes RINO Trey Gowdy for being another deceitful McCarthyite (Video), CDC Director Rochelle Walensky Completely Demolished by Sen. Bill Cassidy (Video), The British Khazarians orchestrate yet another war to greatly weaken Russia and also to further subvert the United States. Project Veritas Staffers Release New Statement As Whistleblowers Say They Stand With James OKeefe. Loren Walensky Parents. Facebook shuts down priests account in a naked attempt to end defense of Jerusalems Al-Aqsa Mosque from Israeli raids, Ukraine suffered a humiliating defeat in the meat grinder of Soledar. One can only reach the conclusion that her failure to disclose was because she suspected that doing so could have disqualified her from consideration for the position. Who knew that super-angry assh*le Al Gore was full of this much ragebecause so many real scientists utterly demolished his fake CO2-driven climate change narrative.?!?!?! German Bundestag legislator drops HUGE truth bombs, peers openly gasped in horror (Video), NEWSFLASH! (Video), Hard Proof of Khazarian-directed Satanic Agenda to Destroy the Traditionally Christian American Republic, VAX GENOCIDE CONTINUES! Back in December 2020, afterRochelle was nominated director of theCenters for Disease Control and Prevention, Loren took to Twitter to congratulate her. During a virtualWhite Housebriefing, Dr Rochelle Walensky, warned Biden's administration officials of "impending doom" as coronavirus cases continue to soar across the country. Eventually there will be only one way out of this Khazarian-created killshot clusterf*ckONLY ONE! HYPOCRISY ON SUPER STEROIDS! Source - Natural News. What in the world has happened to turncoat Marjorie Taylor Greene? Says Dems Who Dont Want To Secure Elections Will Find No Worse Enemy, Adam Schiff Sure Seems Worried About The New House Committee On The Weaponization Of Government, Heres how the implosion of the American Republic was deliberately planned to occur. Now Russias military has to snuff out Ukrainian troops holding up in a 120+ miles of salt mine tunnels. Dopey Hakeem Jeffries Hurls Insults, Lies, Slander Against Republicans Talking Q-Anon, Mar-a-Lago, Kangaroo Courts after McCarthy Voted Speaker (VIDEO). Are the ruling elites growing so desperate with no way out but a World War? Seth and Matthew, are in college. YES!!! Check out this nuclear title at TJP: Who wants an Israeli civil war? The couple tied the knot in 1995 and have been happily married . We invite you to become an American Lookout insider. So is her husband, who we now know has been taking taxpayer money in the form of government "grants" for his pharmaceutical company.. Loren D. Walensky is reportedly a "renowned pediatric oncology researcher" at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute at . Why is conservative Marjorie Taylor Greene voting for McCarthy? Russia Swarmed by Arm Drones Provided by Who? The HALL OF RECORDS is the Single Most Important Discovery of the Third Millennium, Temporary morgues are being opened across UK to deal with surge in deaths. She has worked to improve HIV screening and care in South Africa, led health policy initiatives, as well as researched clinical trial design and evaluation in a variety of settings. Russophobic Khazarians now looking to sanction any African nation that does business with Russia, Dr. Peter McCullough calls for criminal investigations in every US state where COVID gene injection vaccine is causing fatal heart damage (Video). B2T Show Feb 28, 2023, Democrats Mad About Covid Committee Because It Will Come Out That They Exploited It To Further Their Agenda, Pfizer Plans To Cash In On Vaxx Injured And The Pipeline Of Future Disease It Will Create, J6 Political Andrew Taake Joins To Discuss J6 Footage Being Givien To Fox News, Head of EPA Says He Wouldn't Let His Children Play or Be Near the Water in East Palestine OH, Col John Mills Discusses CIA Covert Actions And Inching Us Towards WWIII. Dr. Rochelle Walensky, new head of CDC, got her start at Jewish summer camp. The grant was funded and organized by the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR) with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, which oversees and administers the Biomedical Advanced and Development Authority (BARDA) program, which is similar to the PREDICT program at the center of Wuhan Institute of Virology gain-of-function research controversy. How Woke Coke (and Others) Cash in on Social Justice, Khazarian Cabal stealthily using Poland to start World War III, Another major wave of airstrikes reported in Ukraine. Scott is a former campaign and public affairs consultant with a flair for the sarcastic. Rochelle Walensky's husband graduated from Millburn High School in 1986. Thank you for partnering with us to maintain fruitful conversation. New information provided exclusively to RedState by syndicated radio talk show host Howie Carr shows that Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky is finding multiple ways to benefit from her new position. Its so nice to see that the Met Police hires officers who can be trusted and will protect the publicWOW!!! Father of Khazarian-Installed Congressional Hitman and Closet Communist Jamie Raskin Was Founder of the Marxist Institute for Policy Studies, The Well-Hidden Truths About The Khazarian-Engineered Ukraine War, Movement Picking Up Steam In Floridas Political Circles. She is the daughter of Carol Bersoff-Bernstein and Edward H. Bersoff. (Video). And guess who served alongside Dr. Flip-Flop Anthony Fauci as chair to the Office of AIDS Research Advisory Council and also the US Department of Health and Human Services Panel on Antiretroviral Guidelines for Adults and Adolescents? But wait! Walensky, who took over as director with Bidens inauguration, is married to Loren D. Walensky, a renowned pediatric oncology researcher at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute at Harvard. Interestingly, BARDA also has teamed up with the Wellcome Group, headed by Jeremy Farrar, who many of you may remember was a signer of the Peter Daszak organized Lancet letter, which sought to debunk the now-legitimized Wuhan Lab-Leak Theory of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. What a joke! Guess whos closely watching the McCarthy meltdown?! by whoceleb. We are to be executed so that Ji and Communist China can have the land in the US. EXCLUSIVE: CDC Director Walensky's Husband Received $5 Million in HHS Grants and That's Just the Start of It, Gov. Why Are Democrats Suddenly Defending McCarthyism? Khazarians are kicking up a storm throughout the world community of nation in preparation for their long-planned WW3. What About The Sudden Deaths?: Pfizer CEO Confronted At Davos Over COVID-19 Vaccine (Video). JAG says Kumar Jha and his co-conspirators were working alongside CDC Director Rochelle Walensky to advocate for 2023 lockdowns. Only a Khazarian-directed VIP criminal would continue to act with such extreme chutzpah. And no one is talking about it, U.S. She was also a member of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Panel on Antiretroviral Guidelines for Adults and Adolescents withwait for itDr. Yet another massive crypto heist conducted by the Khazarian-controlled, Bulgarian Cryptoqueen Ruja Ignatova$4 BILLION this time! Italys Internet shut down by a CYBER POLYGON black op as a threat to PM Melonis populist agenda? A Real Shot Texas AG Sues To Stop $1.7 Trillion Bill Implementation On Constitutional Quorum Grounds, REVEALED: Nikki Haley Is One of Globalist World Economic Forum Founder Klaus Schwabs Young Global Leaders, Now China and Germany Join Russia and Demand an Investigation Into Bidens Connections with Nord Stream 2 Pipeline Sabotage, Klaus Schwab Calls For Global Government To Master AI Technologies (video), Really, how the f*ck did these Stanford faculty members get so rich as to guarantee that size of a bail?, A Romanian Senator Says What No Other Elected Representative Has Said Before In Public (Videos), Clotshots have HUGE consequences! Rochelles tenure at the CDC began on January 20, 2021. Rebel News pummels Pfizer CEO with questions at World Economic Forum (Video), Rabbi Antelman covers the connections between the Frankists, Illuminati, Jacobins & Ashkenazi Jewry (Video), Outrageous but unsurprising: Canadian judge tosses case against guards who killed a woman for not wearing a mask. Read this if you really want to know the truth about the blatant gun control hoax! Ukraine War Poses Existential Threat To Survival Of The Russian People: Putin, The Feds Biggest Fear Is Complete Economic Collapse You Aint Seen Nothing Yet, The SARS-CoV-2 Psyop Collapses in Real Time; Director of National Intelligence Knowingly Misled (Video), TRUMPS WALL AND THE $25 BILLION SINALOA DRUG CARTEL (Video). Thats odd, isnt it? (Video). If you eat meat, poultry or dairy products, you had better read this today!!! Mike Huckabee (@GovMikeHuckabee) August 6, 2021, You cant even be surprised about these things anymore You guessed it: Rochelle Walensky! [emphasis added]. WTF!!! Rochelles estimated net worth is$5 million. Total chaos is needed for these heinous crime against humanity to be legalized! In addition, Rochelle has been co-director of the Medical Practice Evaluation Center at Massachusetts General Hospital since 2011. Director Walensky had a responsibility to report this conflict of interest upon taking office, however, no records exist of her doing so. US declares their main enemy in Ukraine an transnational criminal organization Figures. I am so grateful to @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris and @Transition46 for their faith in this truly remarkable woman. But who is the CDC head married to and what do we know about him? The pair married in 1995 in a private wedding ceremony attended by friends and family members. 7th Dead Whale Washes Up Near Planned Green Energy Hotspot Are Offshore Wind Projects Killing Them? Sign up for our free email newsletter, and we'll make sure to keep you in the loop. LORI LIGHTFOOT ALERT! The Covid vaccines are having a pernicious effect on mental health, emotional states and psychological imbalances! DeSantis firmly lays out his anti-cultural marxism and anti-woke ideology agenda. In fact, when insiders were surprised that Walensky was picked, it was revealed that Fauci had a lot to do with her appointment: Bidens transition team conducted a wide search for a new CDC director, and Walenskys name was mentioned by several people, according to an official familiar with the process. If theres any question about who Kevin McCarthys real masters are. Congress Focused on War: Munich Security Conference Attracts Historic Number of Congressional Attendees, Ukrainians Are Fake Nazis, Goyim Slaves of Zionist Extremism, DeSantis Blasts NBC and Initiates Boycott Against Network and All Affiliates, Dole Food Company Under Cyberattack All North America Production Shut Down, GLOVES COME OFF! Fauci. Your email address will not be published. Was it a coincidence that Walenskys husband received the grant from HHS after his wife had been associated with HHS for more than a decade at the time his company was awarded the grant? More Classified Documents Found At Bidens Delaware Home, Bill Filed In Washington Would Authorize Strike Force To Involuntarily Detain Unvaccinated Families. Everything points to the BIG ONE in Californiaa truly apocalyptic series of mega-earthquakes!!! Watch: Mitt Romney Stands and Claps with Democrats During Bidens SOTU Dumpster Fire (VIDEO), General Flynn: Vice President Biden Visited Ukraine 12-13 Times in His Last Year as VP ALL OF THESE Trips Need to be Investigated! She was born to her parents, Carol Bersoff-Bernstein (mother) and Edward Bersoff (father), in Maryland.

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